“The books I read — I like to buy.”

This is the stack of books I’ve bought since social distancing began and you know what? I’m not even ashamed.

I’ve worked at a bookstore for almost five years now. I get to wander the stacks, give recommendations, see what’s new, and discover old titles. I miss that a lot right now. Buying all the books makes me feel that feeling a bit. Besides, I’ve been going through my bookshelves and have put a huge pile of old ARCs and books I probably won’t read (My tastes have changed over the years — I’m not as into Jane Austen retellings and romance as I used to be) for donation after things go back to “normal”. I have to fill those spaces somehow, right? RIGHT?!

Most of these I purchased from BookOutlet which has great prices for books. And, shipping is pretty fast! Indigo/Chapters — where I work — has started doing curbside pick up at some stores, so I HAD to buy something just so I could see it, even if only from the outside. It was nice to see a couple of the managers for a brief moment, too!

One book I did splurge on. HAVAH, by Tosca Lee. I have loved this book since I first read it, but it’s really hard to find copies. So, I ordered from her website and she signed it! Tosca is great. She has been reading to us each night at 6 pm (PST) via her Facebook page. We have virtually read Iscariot and have nearly finished The Progeny. It’s lovely to have something to look forward to each day!

So, if buying books (or whatever else) gives you joy right now, go for it! These are weird times and we need to do something for ourselves.

“My depth of purse is not so great
Nor yet my bibliophilic greed,
That merely buying doth elate:
The books I buy I like to read:
Still e’en when dawdling in a mead,
Beneath a cloudless summer sky,
By bank of Thames, or Tyne, or Tweed,
The books I read — I like to buy.”
― A. Edward Newton

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