“We immortals aren’t misers – we don’t hoard! Such things are pointless.”

Goddess of Books in Pisa, Italy

Thank the Goddess I’m not immortal because I’m most definitely a hoarder. I hoard totes, mugs, bookmarks, candles, and books. Duh..

I have trunks and boxes of little memories from grade school and up and thousands of notes passed to me by school friends that date back to the mid 80s. I love being transported back to places I’ve been and people I spent time with. Without those things, those memories may have been lost! I saved all my old diaries and notes dating back to the 80s. I hope my daughters get a kick out of them one day.

They’ve always been called Bookworms. They bore into books often and it’s their preferred Friday night activity. Guilty as charged!

Lately, the term Book Dragon has been floating around. They devour all the books and ferociously defend the ones they love. Also guilty.

Today, I want to introduce to you the Book Squirrel. They buy ALL THE BOOKS just for the joy of seeing them on their shelves — and floor and tables and wherever there is space. It’s all about the possibility of reading them or having all the choices when it comes to choosing their next read. If they hoard books, they probably hoard other items, too. DEFINITELY GUILTY.
And, completely unashamed.

“All lives are composed of two basic elements,” the squirrel said, “purpose and poetry. By being ourselves, squirrel and raven, we fulfill the first requirement, you in flight and I in my tree. But there is poetry in the meanest of lives, and if we leave it unsought we leave ourselves unrealized. A life without food, without shelter, without love, a life lived in the rain—this is nothing beside a life without poetry.” Peter S. Beagle

*Title quote from Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad*

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