BOOK REVIEW: Meet Me in Monaco by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

If you are searching for your next beach read, look no further than MEET ME IN MONACO by Hazel Gaynor (The Cottingley Secret) and Heather Webb (Rodin’s Lover). It’s the story of how Grace Kelly serendipitously brings together the two main characters — Sophie, a French parfumier, and James, an American papparazzo — both of whom narrate the tale.

The descriptions of settings are exquisite, as are the details of the fragrances Sophie creates. When you can see and smell what an author has written on the pages and the story transports you to other places and times, ohhh, that’s a wonderful feeling. It has a perfect balance of romance and angst so it’s not overly sappy or sad.

Book quote: “To be a parfumeur is to be a keeper of memories, Sophie. Every scent will remind you of something, or someone.”

Reasons I liked this book:

Well developed characters that I actually cared about.

Excellent blending of real life and fictional characters.

Grace Kelly.

The teleportation factor.

Rating: 5 stars

Similar books you’ll enjoy: Scent of Triumph by Jan Moran and The Book of Lost Fragrances by M. J. Rose


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