Review: Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry

I’ve read more teen books this year than I have ever. As a teen I read mostly classics and whatever trashy novel I could steal from my mom. I’m glad I picked this one up, thanks to one of my book besties, because it was really great! The protagonist in the story is an atheist and goes to a Catholic school where he meets a great group of friends who bring him into their club, Heretics Anonymous. They are an interesting cast of characters — a Catholic girl who likes to challenge the rules, a gay Jewish kid, super smart Max, and Eden who believes in multiple gods. Michael is a bit of a screw up which he proves over and over again at school and at home. Dialogue was funny, characters were endearing, and though the book was heavy on theology at times, it wasn’t preachy.

Reasons I like this book:

Diverse cast

It’s funny

Real problems teens are confronted with in school each day

Excellent cover

Book quotes: “My heart stops for a second. I hadn’t even considered Lucy might be drinking. It seemed like one of those things she wouldn’t do, though I know Catholic Jesus can’t have much problem with alcohol since his blood’s made out of it.”


“Do you — do you think Lucy’s hot?”

Max looks confused. “Compared to who?”

There’s a bead of sweat running down my back. It tickles. “I don’t know. Compared to anyone.”

“You can’t compare one thing to every other thing. That’s not how comparisons work.”

“Compared to whoever you want,” I say. “Who do you think is hot?”

“Marie Curie.”


“She won two Nobel Prizes. In two different categories. She’s perfect.”

“Max, she’s dead.”

Max looks offended. You asked who I thought was hot. She’s hot. Was hot.”

“Fine,” I sigh. “So, do you think Lucy’s hot or not?”

He considers this. “Her hair’s kind of messy–“

Rating: 4 stars

Similar books you’ll enjoy: This is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kheryn Callender, The Field Guide to the North American Teenager by Ben Philippe



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