Review: The Forgotten Sister by Nicola Cornick

Tudor England is what got me interested in Historical Fiction and for years, I exclusively read English history. My interests have broadened, but every once in awhile I return to Henry and the Six, Elizabeth and Mary, and it feels like reconnecting with old friends. I have always had a soft spot for Amy Robsart and, frankly, despised her husband, Robert Dudley — I am not one of his fan girls. So, I was greatly intrigued to find a book where Amy was the main focus for a change. Nicola Cornick is so creative when it comes to recreating history and blending it with modern days through time travel and reincarnation. She does a really great job separating the two eras while still keeping both interesting. I really enjoy her books and will keep reading both past titles and anything new she writes.

Reasons I like this book:

Time-slip books are one of my absolute favourite genres

There is redemption of sorts for the wrongs of past lives which rounded out the story nicely

Great suspense; it kept me guessing up to the end

I loved the inclusion of a ghost

Rating: 4 stars

Book Quotes: “I met Robert Dudley on a night of moonlight, fire and gunpowder.” “A shiver tickled my spine like the ghosts of the past stirring again.”

Similar books you’ll enjoy: The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley, What the Wind Knows, Angie Harmon

Thank you to HarperCollins Canada for a copy of this book. Views are my own.

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